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Le Laboratoire d'images 2 (English version) / Collection Publications pour iPAD / Pyramyd Éditions
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Le Laboratoire d'images 2 (English version)

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Season 2 of the Laboratoire d’Images features:

10 artists + 100 filmmakers = 10 original short films in 3D

This ebook, co-published by Cargo Films and Pyramyd, takes you behind the scenes and describes the creative process of season 2 of the Laboratoire d’Images, edited by Christian Janicot. The Laboratoire d’Images is a collection co-produced by Canal+ and Cargo Films.
Ten of the most talented imagemakers in the fields of illustration, drawing, comics, publishing and the press teamed up with 100 student filmmakers from France’s Supinfocom school to invent tomorrow’s computer imagery.
Together, they explored the artists’ highly personal styles and rose to the challenge of faithfully translating each distinctive 2D graphic world into 3D animation.
In the “laboratory”, each contributor explored unsuspected territories. These 10 short films – fusing know-how, cross-disciplinary practice, and innovative technical solutions – reflect the best of today’s graphic industry. And, best of all, they offer a glimpse of the creative future.

Immerse yourself in the worlds of:

David B.
François Avril
Sophie Dutertre
Bruno Salamone
Brecht Vandenbroucke
Laurent Durieux
Séverine Assous
Stan & Vince
Thierry Guitard

And discover in detail the process that yielded each film. Every stage of the work is documented, commented on and enriched by texts, interviews, videos, images and music.

Prix : $14,99

Thèmes : Illustration, Cinéma et animation

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